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Registration for St. Andrew's Day School WAIT LIST Registration 2024- 2025

The Day School is a ministry of St. Andrew’s Church, partnering with parents to provide 

an early-childhood education while sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Registration Policy: Registration is open to all. During Priority Registration we will first place returning students and siblings of current students, then church members, then siblings of former students. Returning students have the highest priority and have equal status. All applications that are received January 16-22nd will be placed in a lottery to decide placement, regardless of family’s Day School attendance or church membership. All applications must be submitted by January 22nd to be included in the lottery. The director does have the discretion to balance the classes by gender. 

After January 22nd, all applicants must register through the waitlist.  You will be contacted if/when a spot becomes available for your child, and you will have 48 hours to submit your deposit and secure your spot.

Please note: Children are required to reach the program age by September 1, 2024.

Children must be fully potty trained to attend our Threes, Fours, and Kindergarten classes. 

Registration Fees (Non-Refundable): 

There is a registration fee per applicant due with the application. This fee is non-refundable, unless no opening is available for your child.


·         Priority Registration Fee: $225 (current students, siblings of current and former students, and church members)

·         General Registration Fee: $250 (ANYONE who registers after Priority Registration is closed)

o    If no opening is available for your child, you will receive a refund of $225.

o    The remaining $25 is a non-refundable waitlist fee.

·         Waitlist Fee: $25
(anyone who applies after registration is closed, OR anyone for whom there is not an opening during registration. If/when an opening becomes available, the remaining $225 nonrefundable registration fee will be due.)


We maintain a LIMITED wait list for the upcoming school year.  If you get notification that your class selection is full, it is because we've reached the limit of the wait list at this time. 

 We will open more wait list slots as available on June 3 and August 5.  Please revisit this registration page on those dates to check availability.




Day School Registration Instructions

New Family Instructions

As a new family with St Andrew’s Day School registering a child or children for the first time, you will need to create an account by entering your information as a parent first. If you signed up to tour the Day School then your account is already set up.

Once you have created your account, you can then proceed with registering your child by adding them to your family and entering their information on registration page 3. Note that all BOLD fields are required. 

Once you have entered the first child then any additional children can be added.

Set up an account for Parent

1.       On the main registration page, click on the “You are not logged In, "Click Here to Log in” button near the bottom of the page.

2.       The next page is “The St Andrew’s Church Portal”. Scroll to the “Register for an Account” section.

3.       Click on the blue “Register” button.

4.       ON the “New Account Request” page complete your (Parent) information. Your screen will return to the Day School Registration page when finished.

Add Your Child(ren)

1.       Read the information on this page, then click on “Register for this Event” button to proceed.

2.       After reviewing instructions on “Event Event Information” page, click on the blue “Start” button.

3.       On the next page, “Event Registration – ENTER PERSON(S)”, enter, in place of your first name, your child’s first name and nickname. All information common to your family will             autofill from your information.

4.       Complete all other information needed for your child. Any BOLD item is required!

5.       Once you have completed the 1st child, click on the green “Add individual” button for each additional child. If this page does not go forward, scroll the page to look for a small             red asterisk * that indicates missing information.

Verify Individual(s) Registered

1.       Once each child’s information is entered, scroll to top of the page to review individuals that are registered. Check to be sure only your child(ren) are registered. If you see your name, remove it from the “Individuals” listed to the right of the form. It is easy to inadvertently add yourself when setting up your account.


1.       Click the blue “Continue” button to proceed to the “Registration Summary And Payment" page.

2.       Review registration summary on this page to verify correct individual(s) are registered.

3.       Click on “Select Payment Method” drop down box, then “Add New Payment Type”. Your name and address will autofill.

4.       Choose how you wish to pay by clicking on the Blue “Debit/Credit Card” or the “Bank Account” button and enter the information required. Give the pay method you set up a Nickname if you choose to have the information saved for future use.

5.       Click next to complete your Day School registration(s) & registration fee payment. You will receive a confirmation email showing who has been registered.

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