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Registration for Revive 2024!

Revive 24!

Join us for Revive 24! – a time to be renewed and restored. A time to look at what God, Himself, may be saying to the church and to you. We see so many folks living out their faith with little sense of the immediacy of the Lord’s presence, little sense of urgency, and little sense of the Spirit’s power at work in them leading them into faithful and fruitful kingdom exploits. Revive includes age-appropriate programming for adults, youth, and children.

And Signs Will Accompany

Join us in learning about being driven by the Spirit's work and the exercise of the gifts of the Spirit as we evangelize and reach out to a lost and hurting world. In all of this we’re expected to live our faith not just in word but in action as well.

For complete information about the conference, including the schedule, please visit our website at StAndrews.Church.

Breakout Sessions

On the adult registration page, you'll be asked to choose which of the three breakout sessions you plan to attend. Your choice is not binding but we need a sense of how many people will be in each session in order to assign the breakout rooms.

    • Prophetic Words and Life Groups: We're designed to live out our lives in the community of other believers and that includes all facets of the Christian life. In addition to eating and praying together, time in your Life Group can include listening to what God might say to others in your group through you.
    • Prophetic Ministry with Friends and Strangers: How do we know if what we are hearing for someone else is from the Lord and if we should share it with them? In this session we will talk about discerning the Lords voice, how to go about sharing prophetic words with our friends and strangers and how to use prophetic messages in our prayer life.



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  • Super Saver Registration through December 31     
    • $20 – Adults.
    • $18 – 6 weeks – 18 year-olds
    • At the prices above, we do not offer refunds.
    • Discount will be applied at checkout (no discount code required)
  • Early Registration, January 1, 2024 – February 29, 2024
    • $40/adults - Discount Code "SAVE"
    • $18 – 18 and younger
  • Open Registration, March 1 – April 14, 2024
    • $50 – adults - Discount Code "SAVE"
    • $18 – 18 and younger
  • Late Registration, April 15 – April 25, 2024
    • $60 – adults - Discount Code "SAVE"
    • $18 – 18 and younger
  • At the Door, April 26 – 27, 2024
    • $75 – adults
    • $18 – 18 and younger
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