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Ridley Livestream: "A King Called Jesus"

Ridley Livestream:

From the earliest rumors of the birth of Jesus to the first decade of the preaching of the Gospel, the kings and emperors of this world have found the message of Christianity not only disturbing, but even threatening. Herod heard the message of the other King born in Bethlehem as a message from a political rival, and Pontius Pilate executed Jesus because he claimed to be a king. The early Christians were accused of following another king, one called Jesus and Paul boldly announced that a Christian's citizenship is not primarily on earth but in Heaven.

This spring the Ridley Institute will host a brand new class in Biblical Theology, "A King Called Jesus." Students will learn the story of the founding of the Kingdom of God, it's ruin through sin, and restoration through Jesus as presented from Genesis to Revelation. Students should expect to gain a good working knowledge of the entire Bible, with specific focus on the themes of the Kingdom of God, heavenly citizenship, and the distinctive culture of the followers of Jesus as presented in the Bible. Students will be challenged to think through what Kingdom citizenship means for our lives in contemporary America.

This registration is for the online course via livestream available only to churches outside the Charleston area. The cost is $50 and includes materials. If you live in the Charleston area and will be attending the course on-site, you must register through that page.

1/24/2017 6:15 PM - 4/4/2017 8:35 PM
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