St. Andrew's Church Mt. Pleasant


Welcome to St Andrew's Church Giving Portal.

Here you can manage and review your giving.

You can:

  • Give one time
  • Set up recurring gifts & contributions to St Andrew's
  • View your complete giving history & details
  • Print out your giving statement
  • Maintain your online payment choices. VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AmEx
To Give Online:
  • Click on the "Give" buttons on the right side of the page.

Once on the desired giving page:

  • If not logged in already, log into your member account at the bottom of the giving page which will auto-populate the information on the giving page.
  • To set up a giving schedule, check the "SETUP SCHEDULED GIFT" box. Enter the giving schedule & term you desire.
  • When you get to the "Payment Information/Method" section, set up a "Payment Method" with your payment details. Give the payment method a nickname such as "Joe's VISA card" or "First Federal Bank Acct".  Once a "Payment Method" is complete, your transaction can be finished.
  • You may add additional payment methods if you wish to use more than one card or bank account.

If you have questions:

Todd Capps



Jorgia Hazelwood






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